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Common questions and answers concernig NIC-OUT Filters.


NICOUT is a plastic mechanical filter that removes over 90% of the Tar & Nicotine found in cigarettes.

How is NICOUT different from other smoking reduction / cessation products?

NICOUT is the Only 100% Safe, Effective and Guaranteed product of it's kind on the market today.

Why is NIC-OUT Safer?

NICOUT is Safer because it doesn't add cancer causing Nicotine and Tar to your body, instead it simply, removes them from your smoke. Also when you use NICOUT you aren't putting in your body chemicals or herbs not approved by the FDA with unknown effects.

Why is NIC-OUT More Effective?

NICOUT is more effective because it is a simple mechanical filter. If you use it whenever you smoke, it will cut your consumption of Tar & Nicotine by over 90%, Guaranteed.

How do I know it's working?

You will see from the very first cigarette the over 90% of the Tar & Nicotine that is deposited in clear plastic filter.

Can NIC-OUT alone stop my smoking?

No. Only you can do that. But using NICOUT consistently will lower your consumption of Tar and addictive Nicotine by over 90% and that makes it much easier to quit completely. Example: If you smoke a pack-a-day using
NICOUT will lower your Tar and Nicotine to approximately what's found in one cigarette.

Does NIC-OUT affect my cigarette's Taste or Temperature?

No. Because NICOUT uses a Mechanical filtering process it will not affect the taste and because it is small (less than an inch long) it does not affect the smoke temperature.

Can NIC-OUT help my Smokers Morning Cough?

Yes. Because NICOUT removes over 90% of the Tar most smokers experience a great improvement or elimination of smoking related Morning Cough after about 90 days of consistent use.

How many packs of NIC-OUT do I need per week?

There are 30 filters in each pack. Each filter is good for approximately 5 regular or 10 light cigarettes. So, each pack is good for up to 150 regular or 300 light cigarettes. Divide these numbers by how many cigarettes you
smoke per week and you'll know how many packs of of NICOUT you need a week.

Does NIC-OUT help improve second hand smoke?

Of course by removing most of the Tar & Nicotine in the cigarette before your inhale. It lowers the same pollutants a similar amount when you exhale.

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Top 3 Filter Benefits

  • Reduces Urge to Smoke
  • Reduces Nicotine Levels
  • Reduces Tar in the Lungs

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