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NIC-OUT provides quick, guaranteed cigarette smoke filtration. NIC-OUT helps to remove up to 90% of the tar, Nicotine and harmful chemicals in a cigarette. NIC-OUT has been laboratory tested as reported by the (See Arista Report) to lower Nicotine levels up to 5 times lower than a regular cigarette. Also a NIC-OUT filter is made of top quality transparent Class-A plastic. Class-A plastic is regulated by the federal government for many health products.

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  • (5) Packs of (30) NicOut Filters
  • One Filter is good for (5) Cigarettes – No cigarettes included

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Any smoker using a NIC-OUT Filter will not notice any changes in the taste of their cigarette because NIC-OUT uses a patented mechanical smoke purification method. The overall length of the filter is short and provides no change in temperature of the inhaled smoke. The immediate results of using this tiny device is the reduction of tar, nicotine and harmful chemicals in a cigarette resulting in the ability to “cut back” or even quit smoking if desired. Other health benefits may result such as getting rid of a “morning smoker cough” for a smoker using NIC-OUT filters after 2 weeks.

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